Happy Friday the 13th

Here is the latest from the mind of M Lee Mendelson. The free Amazon Kindle giveaway has been going better than I had hoped. "Letter From Hell" has held on strong to the number 5 spot in the Free Kindle Horror / Occult section. Not too bad for a brand new author, at least I don't think so.

My next book, "Last Man Standing," is coming along very well. I couldn't be more pleased with the flow of the story. For those that read and enjoyed "Letter From Hell," I think you'll truly enjoy this new book. While it takes a step back fom the horror genre, there will be plenty of suspense and excitement for all. The story is now about 1/3 completed. It pormises to be a definite emotional rollercoaster... bring your hankies.

Check for peroiodic updates.

Happy reading all and enjoy the weekend.

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