Upcoming News

Tomorrow, November 5th, I am scheduled to do my interview on the nationally syndicated radio program, "The Leslie Marshall Show." No date for the broadcast has been set, but keep checking back as I will update as soon as I know the date it will be aired.

For those that have not yet purchased my book, "Letter From Hell," you can find the Kindle version on sale on Amazon for $2.99. If you can wait, the Kindle version will be "free", yes free, between November 9th and the 14th. My publisher BOOKTROPE, is runnig a campaign called Pre-Funk Holiday promo. Also, if you have Kindle unlimited, you can read for free now also.

You can follow the link to my book on the front page of the website.

Today in my travels, I met a young lady who is a recent graduate with a bachelor's degree in graphic design. She is new and hungry for work. I put a link to her web page in the link's section for anyone looking for an artist for a book cover. I believe she would be a lot of fun to work with.

On another note, work has begun on my my next book. I will post periodic updates as they become available.

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